Welcome to CANA Revenue Staff Credit Union, an industrial credit union set up in 1972 to serve staff and family members of the Revenue Commissioners.

Milestones in the history of CANA Credit Union:

  • 1972 CANA Credit Union was founded. The initial Common Bond was confined to the staff of the Chief Inspector of Taxes
  • 1987 The Common Bond was extended to encompass all staff of the Revenue Commissioners
  • 1988 Cana employed its first full time member of staff
  • Cana moved to a new location in Grattan House
  • 1991 Salary Deduction was introduced
  • 1997 Cana moved to new premises in 85/93 Lr Mount Street
  • 1999 Monthly Car Draw introduced
  • 2001 Pension Deduction facility introduced for retired members
  • 2001 Launch of Budget Account scheme
  • 2007 Launch of Cana Website and online facilities
  • 2011 EFT facility introduced.
  • 2016 Launch of the Switcher Mortgage
  • 2019 Launch of New Standard Lending Rate of just 5.9% (6.1%apr)

CANA now employs five staff, has a membership in excess of 9,000 and assets in excess of €75 million.