1. Fill out the appropriate membership form:

For Revenue staff (existing or retired):
Revenue Staff Membership Application Form

For family members:
Family Membership Application Form

For Minors under 16:
Child Membership Application Form

Visit our Downloads section to obtain our membership application forms.

2. Attach a copy of the following documents

  1. Copy of your passport or drivers licence
  2. Copy of a recent utility bill addressed to you at your current address
  3. Proof of your PPS number i.e. copy of payslip, P60 etc

(In the case of Children’s accounts we require a copy of the child’s birth certificate or passport together with proof of address of the parent(s) where the child is currently residing. We also require official documentary proof of the child’s PPSN number.)

3. Send the Membership Application to:

CANA Credit Union, CANA House, 85/93 Lower Mount Street, Dublin