CANA Credit Union offers you an easy way to save for your children’s future. All you have to do is complete a Children’s Membership Application Form, a Special/Ordinary Share Account Form and a Split Salary Deduction Form.

Please also include a copy of your child’s birth certificate with the above forms

In addition to the rules we would ask you to please note the following:

  • For technical reasons, we must insist that the sponsor (i.e. the person paying into the child’s account by salary deduction) is also a member of CANA. This is to facilitate the operation of the salary deduction scheme.
  • Because the child will not become a full member until the age of 16, the €1.27 entry fee will not be chargeable upon joining and the child will not have voting rights in the credit union.
  • In relation to the withdrawal of savings from the child’s account, we ask that you nominate on the membership form the person(s) authorised to have access to the funds in the account. Withdrawal applications made by the child must be countersigned by the nominated person(s).

View the Childrens’ Savings Account Rules.