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Being a Member of CANA
Membership - CANA Credit Union Ltd

CANA Membership

CANA Credit Union is a credit union for Revenue staff and their family members.

We offer an outstanding one-to-one service and very competitive loan rates to each of our members.

CANA offers our members the chance to take control of their own finances by making their own savings work for them. Like all credit unions, we are owned by our members – the people who save & borrow with us. By saving and borrowing with us, you have knowledge that your savings are being used to provide loans to your fellow colleagues!

Who Can Join

Like all credit unions, you must be part of our ‘common bond’ to join. CANA’s common bond includes:

  • Any person employed by the Revenue commissioners.
  • Any family members that live at the same address as an existing Revenue employee.
  • Any person retired from the Revenue Commissioners.
  • Any minors living at the same address as an existing Revenue employee.
  • Any person employed by CANA Credit Union.

Join Us to Be Paperless

Traditionally, we have always contacted our members by post when notifying of changes to our products and other important information. This can lead to as many as 5 of each item posted to one household.

We recognize the focus and responsibility that everybody must have when moving forward in doing our bit for the environment. CANA have introduced the opportunity for our members to receive correspondence online, to cut down on our paper use. Help us with this by giving your consent to receive information by email here:

Go Paperless

Our Mission

To be the provider of choice, to our members, of personal credit and secure savings.

Competitive Loan Interest Rates

We have one of the lowest unsecured personal loan rates in the country.

Salary Deduction & Standing Orders

Making saving & loan repayments easier for you.

Online Services

Mobile app & online access.

Unique IBAN

Each account has their own unique IBAN, allowing you to send money to your own / others’ accounts.


Monthly car draw, cash prizes throughout the year & yearly bursary draw.

Receive €20 When You Join

Once you open an account with us, you receive €20 into your account.

To become a member, you or your family member must be an employee of the Revenue Commissioners.

Family members of an employee of the Revenue Commissioners must live at the same address to be in the Common bond.

We provide all members, that qualify, with Life savings Insurance & Loan Protection Insurance at no extra cost.

With Life savings Insurance, your nominee may receive a financial sum in the event of your death in addition to the savings in your account.

Loan Protection Insurance is the cover that your credit union takes out on the lives of eligible members that hold loans with the Credit Union.

If you would like more information on joining CANA Credit Union, please contact us today.

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