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A credit union is a group of people who save together and lend to each other at a fair and reasonable rate of interest. Credit unions offer members the chance to take control over their own finances by making their own savings work for them. Every Credit Union is owned by the members – the people who save & borrow with it – people like you.

With our popular service of a salary deduction, it has never been easier to save with us. Regular saving and sensible borrowing are key elements to remember when it comes to managing your money. Saving regularly gives you financial security, independence, peace of mind and an attractive return on your savings. It has never been easier for you to save as you won’t even see it coming out of your wages!

If you’re not a member already, why not think about joining today?

Easy Access to Money

Funds are easily accessed through your online account at any time.

Deducted Straight from Your Wages

Set up a deduction with us and it will come straight from your wages into your CANA account, making it easier than ever to save.

Life Savings Insurance

Life savings insurance for eligible members (terms & conditions apply).

Nomination Process

Members can nominate a person to receive his/her property in the credit union on his/her death (up to €23,000).

Online Access

Register your online account and access all of our services 24/7 through the website or app.

No Hidden Charges

There are no hidden fees or transaction charges.

You can currently save up to €30,000 in your CANA Credit Union shares account.

Do you find it hard to budget your bills and expenses throughout the year? Set up a budget account with us where you can save money in specific categories and withdraw when the funds are required.

If there is no activity on your account for over 2 years, your account will become inactive. We can re-activate this for you at any time with proof of address and valid proof of ID.

We require proof of address from each member to be updated every 2 years as well as always needing a valid form of ID (drivers’ license /passport) on the account. We require these documents for AML purposes before we can approve any activity on the account.

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How To Join

Join, borrow or save with us, apply in your own time. We are offering our members freedom, flexibility and choice. Become a member today, what are you waiting for?

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If you would like more information on saving with CANA Credit Union, please contact us today.

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