Payment options with CANA

Share Accounts

CANA Credit Union members now have a number of Payment Options available to them, with no hidden fees or charges.

Making payments in or out of your Credit Union account, as detailed below, has never been easier.

Standing Orders

Members can arrange recurring payments from their bank to their credit union account by standing order. This facility allows regular payments to loans or savings acc.

Deducted Straight From Your Wages

Set up a deduction with us and it will come straight from your wages into your CANA account, making it easier than ever to save.

Online Bank Transfer

Using your personal IBAN number for your CANA account, you can transfer funds straight from your own bank account into your CANA account.

Split Payments

We can organize the funds to be split between your shares, loan, budget and car draw accounts for you.

Over the Phone Payments

We can now take debit card payments over the phone or in branch into your loan and shares accounts.

No Hidden Charges

There are no hidden fees or transaction charges.

If you would like more information on saving with CANA Credit Union, please contact us today.

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