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Budget Accounts

With our popular service of a salary deduction, it has never been easier to save with us. Regular saving and sensible borrowing are key elements to remember when it comes to managing your money.

Keeping on top of saving and budgeting can often be difficult and with the rise in the cost of living, it is harder than ever. That is why at CANA, we offer the facility for us to manage this for you.

With up to 27 categories, you can manage your funds easier in different sections. The budget account is funded weekly / fortnightly / monthly (depending on how you are paid) by salary deduction or standing order. The funds are divided into each category to help you to save for bills and events. We offer an overdraft of up to 25% so you can overdraw if you are falling short on any bills or expenses.

To set up a budget account, fill out a form from our downloads section and send it in to us!

If you would like more information on this service, get in touch by phone (01 6766151) or email ( and we can answer any questions you may have.

If you don’t have a budget account, why not think about opening one today?

Easy Access to Money

Funds can be accessed by email or messaging us.

Bills Paid Directly

Send us on your bills and we can pay them directly to your supplier.

Overdraft Facility

Withdraw up to 25% over your yearly balance.

Save for events

Ease the burden of paying lump sums at Christmas / birthdays / communions / confirmations by saving each week for them.

Online Access

View your balance through your online account.

27 Categories

Budget for your rent, mortgage, electricity bills, phone bills, gas bills, Christmas, holiday and much more!

You can currently save up to €30,000 in your CANA Credit Union shares account.

Do you find it hard to budget your bills and expenses throughout the year? Set up a budget account with us where you can save money in specific categories and withdraw when the funds are required.

If there is no activity on your account for over 2 years, your account will become inactive. We can re-activate this for you at any time with proof of address and valid proof of ID.

We require proof of address from each member to be updated every 2 years as well as always needing a valid form of ID (drivers’ license /passport) on the account. We require these documents for AML purposes before we can approve any activity on the account.

Please note: there is a €15 yearly charge to operate the budget account facility.

Apply for a Budget Account

How To Apply

Existing members can apply for a budget at any time by filling out the budget card in our downloads sections. Post it into us and we will set this up for you.

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